Розамунд Лаптон


Rosamund Lupton started writing when she could first hold a pencil. She studied English literature at Cambridge University. Following her BA degree, she was a freelance copywriter and reviewer, including writing reviews for the Literary Review. She won a TV play competition and became a full time screenwriter, working for the BBC and independent film companies. When her youngest child started school, she decided to write a novel – ‘Sister’ which went straight into the UK best seller list and had wide spread critical acclaim. On the 7th June it was published in the USA and went into the New York Times best seller list and received stunning reviews. Her second novel, 'Afterwards', was published in the UK in June and went straight into the Sunday Times best seller chart. 'Afterwards' is published in the USA in April 2012.

She lives in London with her husband and two children.


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Сестра [bg] 1205K, 265 с. (пер. Чайлд)